About us


We are pioneers in chat support service

Chat2Serve aims to engage your website visitors, and convert them into qualified leads. Our 24/7 live chat agents engage your customers through personalized and meaningful interactions real-time. You have free access to our easy-to-integrate chat technology, with chat history and custom dashboards. It is time to recognize the fact that the world has quietly moved over from emails and calls to chat as the preferred mode of communication. It's quite possible that you may not have chat function on your website today or you have a chat function that's manned sparingly, and hence not effective. It's also no secret that every potential customer visits your website as the first port of call.


We offer both Chat Tool & Service

Chat2Serve has extensive experience in 24/7 chat with live agents, who are trained to be professional, responsive, and polite, but who fully understand the need to capture qualified leads. Chat2Serve is a group company of QuScient Technologies, an award-winning provider of solutions and services to Higher Education institutions and other businesses worldwide. QuScient also provides inbound and outbound phone support, email desk and lead generation support. You have to engage that visitor, a possible sales lead, even if the visit is for a period as short as a few seconds. This is where our live chat agents come in! Chat2Serve captures those visitors who would fleetingly visit your website and perhaps move onto your competitor's website next!