Frequently Asked Questions

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Chat2Serve_fAQ How does my Chat2Serve service work?

Chat2Serve Support services allows your website visitors to connect with Chat2Serve Agents. Our agents can get the visitor’s contact information and supply a qualified lead to you, when they click on a prominent chat button provided by us, embedded on your website.

Chat2Serve_fAQ Do you offer a trial period?

Chat2Serve offers a free trial for 14 days. We will also bear all the costs of setting up the chat for you. Our agents will be available 24/7 to chat with visitors of your website during the trial period, and promptly supply leads to you. You can continue the service if you are satisfied.

Chat2Serve_fAQ Will your agents use our chat, which is already on our website?

Of course. We find that most of our clients who already have chat on their website have a problem managing it on a continuous basis. Also, it is almost impossible to manage chat during weekends and after business hours. That's why Chat2Serve is a sensible, no upfront fee, low outcome-based fee option! If you already have chat and it is not being manned effectively, you will find Chat2Serve to be transformational!

Chat2Serve_fAQ How do I get started with Chat2Serve software for my website?

Getting started with our chat support services is very simple. Once you register, you will be supplied with HTML/Java script code to insert into the relevant pages on your website. Download our chat software and install it on your PC. Once your web pages have the code included, our agents will log in and start chatting with visitors.

Chat2Serve_fAQ I want to try your service but I'm on a budget. Can I set a limit?

Yes, of course, let us know your budget and we will work within your budget. No unpleasant surprises! You can modify the budget anytime. As you grow, update your budget as often as you want, as you start accruing more and more value out of our service.

Chat2Serve_fAQ After the 14-day free trial what does it take to keep going?

The chat software and chat service are absolutely free. You can continue after the free trial without any upfront payment. We work on a purely outcome-based pricing model – this means you only pay for our valid leads. After your trial period is over, you can continue the service, and we will bill you for all outcomes as per your billing cycle. Our Sales Team will reach out to you once your trial period is over to explain the process in detail.

Chat2Serve_fAQ Can you do proactive chats and site monitoring with Chat2Serve?

Yes, our agents will monitor visitors on your website real-time. Our agents will also send proactive chat invitations to those visitors.

Chat2Serve_fAQ We are not technically savvy. What is involved in enabling Chat2Serve on our website and what does it cost?

No problem. Our technicians will handle this for you at zero cost. We will work with the technical staff who update your website and handhold them, with simple instructions to get the job done. Alternatively, give us the login details and we will do it for you.

Chat2Serve_fAQ What do you charge and how do you bill for Chat leads?

Straight forward. We charge $9.95 per qualified sales lead. We process charges on the first of each month (for the prior month's sales leads).

Chat2Serve_fAQ Do I need to enter my credit card details for the trial?

No. You don't need to provide any credit card details during the free trial period of 14 days.

Chat2Serve_fAQ What is the minimum contract period?

There is no minimum contract period. You can cancel the service any time with a 15 days notice. At your request we will remove the chat window, complete any chats that are in process and suspend your account. You don't even have to remove our chat from your website. We handle that too. You can reactivate anytime also – at no cost, once again.

Chat2Serve_fAQ Do I need to host Chat2Serve software on my own servers?

No. Chat2Serve is a fully hosted, performance-based service. We can take care of all server, network and code update issues seamlessly. This allows your organization more time to spend on your core competencies.

Chat2Serve_fAQ Is Chat2Serve software compatible with pop-up blockers?

Yes, it is. Visitors, operators and administrators don't have to worry about pop-up blocking software disabling the chat functionality of Chat2Serve.

Chat2Serve_fAQ Is Chat2Serve software compatible with cookies?

Yes and No. For your website visitors, if they disable cookies, you will not be able to track them via the site monitoring tool, but you can still initiate proactive chats.

Chat2Serve_fAQ What about quality? Who does the training and how do we know my customers feel like they are well treated?

You'll know how clients feel by reading their chats and speaking with them. Our agents routinely attend client training and we reassure you that they will be responsive, professional and empathetic.

Chat2Serve_fAQ What operating system platforms and browsers is Chat2Serve software compatible with?

Supports all major browsers and platforms (both on PC and Mac).