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Chat2Serve is the quickest, most effective and affordable way to engage your potential customers. Your website visitors are on the one hand probably your most valuable leads and on the other, the most ignored lot. Our service is targeted at these constituents, to engage them professionally for potential lead generation. We offer our complete suite of tools, technologies, and support to make chat functional on your website to maximize lead generation and customer satisfaction. And what more, we do all this at no upfront costs, whatsoever!

Organizations worldwide are spending a majority of their marketing budgets on website design, search engine optimization, and digital marketing through social media channels. All these activities inevitably drive traffic to the website. And then, of course, they ignore the obvious – website visitors. It's no secret that most website visitors do not fill up your customary website Inquiry Form for various reasons. But many of them are inclined to chat and many of those who chat are happy to leave their contact details behind for further engagement.

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Our performance-based pricing is simple, we chat with your website visitors 24/7 – we deliver sales leads - you pay us $9.95 per lead. This is a genuine sales lead, complete with name, phone number or email, of a prospect who is expecting a follow-up from you. You don't pay for incomplete records, duplicate leads, or existing client details.

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Our well-trained agents use a friendly script to encourage your website visitors to engage them in a genuine, friendly chat conversation. However, we don't stop there. Our Quality Assurance team monitors, reviews, and calibrates 100% of the chat conversations for accuracy, and aims to continuously improve experience for both you and your customers.

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Have multiple offices? We can automatically route leads based on the location. We make sure the right lead gets to the right office. This leads to quick and responsive follow-up actions required to convert the lead.

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Our live chat agents are virtually part of your team, giving you scalability to manage 24/7 chat without investing a penny in hiring staff. You spend so much time, money and efforts to drive traffic to your website and then what? It's a no-brainer that those visitors should become sales leads – that's where we come in! Never miss another sales lead.

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Set your budget and manage your spend with lead budgeting. We supply as many leads as per your budget. No unpleasant surprises! As your business grows with conversion of more sales leads into revenues, update your budget as often as you desire. Our only objective is to increase your revenues!

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Our industry specific scripts serve as the starting point for specific customization you may need, ensuring the right response to your visitor's questions – each time.

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The chat experience can be customized to closely match the look-and-feel of your business branding – including logos, images, and colors. We embed our customized chat widget for you at no extra cost even during your trial period.

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The Chat2Serve invitation and chat window automatically senses smartphones and tablets, and adjust themselves to offer the best experience to your mobile visitors. Remember, majority of your website visitors use mobile devices these days.

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Chat2Serve can be launched from a simple snippet of code. You or your web developer needs to add it to those website pages where you would like to offer a chat invitation to your visitors. Of course, we are here to help you through this process.

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Chat2Serve reduces site abandonment by recognizing when visitors are about to leave. Before exiting, a call-to-action is triggered to chat with our agents, significantly increasing your response rate. We are living in a world with short attention spans – you don't want your website visitor to lose interest in you and find your competitor.